The Venue

Venue: United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), corner Pelayo and Bonifacio Streets, Davao City



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Room Accommodation

Shalom Center

Tel no : (082) 300-7136; 300-3138; 300-2452

Mobile no: 0919-259-3574

Semi-Private Rooms

Fully air-conditioned; With hot & cold shower, cable TV, and WiFi spot

CHEBBAR - good for 6 @ 425/person

JORDAN-KISHON - good for 3 @ 475/person

NILE - 2 single beds, P1,000.00

JABBOK - Matrimonial bed @ P1,000.00

Dormitory Type Rooms

@ 275 per person; Air-conditioned; With free breakfast

SARAH - good for 12, with comfort room

ABRAHAM - good for 14, with comfort room

SINAI - (girls dorm) good for 8, with comfort room

CARMEL - (boys dorm) good for 8 (common CR)

Rooms good for 6 with comfort room

For only P350.00 (double deck)

Single room aircon @300.00/common comfort room

Extra bed P250.00 - free breakfast

Breakfast will be served from 6:30AM to 9:00AM only at the cafeteria